10 Reasons for Making the Switch

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Being mindful of the products you use on your skin and body every day, I feel, is very important. Our world is inundated with chemicals in the air, food and water. But when you’re home, you shouldn’t have to worry about any of that. That’s precisely why essential oils are so useful everyday. You can add them to your dental care routine, haircare and skincare products, cleaning products, air purifying agents, supplements, you name it! So, I’ve compiled a top 10 list for reasons why you should make the switch to using essential oils.

Top 10 Reasons for Switching to Essential Oils

The Use of Essential Oils from the Microbiome Medicine Summit

10. To let go of those napalm hand sanitizers. Essential oils are naturally disinfectant, but not only that, they are intelligent disinfectants. What does that mean? They know what bugs are the good guys and which are the bad guys, but especially CPTG essential oils let the good guys flourish and keep the bad ones in check.

The Effects of Unsafe Personal Care Products from the Microbiome Medicine Summit

9. To swap hormone and thyroid disrupting perfumes and colognes for pure essential oils. Perfumes and colognes are supposed to attract mates and enhance desire, but chemicals from department store brands actually disrupt sex hormones and can be the cause for mood swings and hormonal disorders. CPTG essential oils promote hormonal balance and smell incredibly vibrant.

8. For new stress management techniques to promote chilled out vibes. Stress alone can cause numerous health problems, and many times we facilitate that stress in our own minds! CPTG essential oils are a brilliant new way for balancing stress. I’m going to use the example of driving. I see a lot of stress occurring there, so pack some lavender or lemongrass essential oil and use a car diffuser or simply massage it on your neck before driving to promote tranquility.

The Use of Essential Oils from the Microbiome Medicine Summit

7. To promote good skin microbiota. Your skin is full of diverse microbiota from bacteria to fungi, all of which live on every part of our body. When the microbiota are healthy, so are you. This may seem like a new concept to some, but according to the Microbiome medicine summit, this medicine is real and flourishing. It can protect us from infections if we cut ourselves because good skin biota prevent bad from flourishing. Using CPTG melaleuca essential oil on a minor wound for example, will help heal it exponentially better and safer than it’s petrochemical cousin Neosporin.

6. To purify odors in the home from cooking and other lifestyle habits. Indoor air pollution is worse than outdoor air pollution since there is much less circulation indoors than out. Not to mention purifying the air of germs that cause seasonal illness is a plus. A water diffuser is great for larger rooms and is useful for winter and summer seasons since it acts as a mild humidifier. A great diffusor for smaller rooms with heavy moisture like kitchens and bathrooms are burner diffusers which uses a tea light candle. They both create a really calming mood in a space.

5. To increase the strength of your immune system to prevent those cold and flu bugs. You can go the vaccine route or you can go the less invasive essential oils route. I’d rather slather on beautifully scented oils that make my skin look great than jab my veins with, I guess let me stop there before I get my door kicked in. If you catch a cold more than four times a year, using CPTG essential oils topically and a certain few internally, can help boost your immune system to naturally defend yourself from seasonal threats.

4. To save the integrity of your gut. You can take certain essential oils internally such as ginger, peppermint and oregano for this reason. You can either add essential oils in a veggie enteri-capsule blended with extra virgin coconut oil, add it to a cup of hot water or, like I taught one of my clients to do, put a drop in your organic non-pasteurized yogurt for an amazing burst of flavor.

3.The liver cannot detoxify if you don’t sleep, and essential oils can help you sleep better. Lavender, chamomile, marjoram, vetiver, juniper berry, these are just a few essential oils that help to promote a good nights sleep. You can diffuse it in the bedroom, put a couple drops on the corners of your pillow and/or put it on your skin like the temples, back of the neck and feet.

2. To ditch those industrial cleaning chemicals for brighter solutions. Citrus oils like lemon, bergamot, lime and grapefruit make amazing cleaning oils and are powerful energizing mood lifters which makes daunting tasks like cleaning the bathroom a pleasant and, dare I say, enjoyable experience! Just add a few drops directly to your natural cleaning products like baking soda or vinegar, or directly drop the essential oils to the surface being cleaned. Many people think that essential oils are greasy but they’re not at all. They work best for therapeutic purposes on the skin mixed with oil, but they’re not greasy, so they’re effective to clean with.

The Use of Essential Oils from the Microbiome Medicine Summit

1. To let go of our dependance of toxic endocrine disrupting chemicals in mass produced skincare and haircare products. There are tons, TONS of congesting petrochemicals in skincare, it’s absolutely dumbfounding how we have surrendered our trust and well-being to these companies. I am shocked at the list of ingredients I see in everything from baby products to feminine care products. You can replace every single one of those toxic products with easy, natural DIY recipes using essential oils. Not just that, but it’s genuinely fun! Change up your skincare with the seasons as the weather changes and formulate different recipes for day and night. Essential oils can be incredibly personalized to each individual’s personal needs, and that’s great! We’re all different, with different needs and wants. Essential oils give you the power to do just that whenever need be.

DIY Cleaning Abrasive Recipe
Baking soda
15 drops of Lemon essential oil

Mix these ingredients together, preferably in a glass container so the essential oil doesn’t corrode the container. Use it to scrub surfaces like bathtubs and sinks. Combine this with vinegar to create a powerful cleaning solution for any surface.


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