Top 4 Essential Oils for Oral Hygiene

In Chinese medicine, our teeth are connected to meridians which correspond to organs of the body and even emotions! In alopathic dentistry, it’s been well known that gum disease has been linked to heart disease due to arterial plaque. Taking care of all aspects of the mouth is incredibly important for good overall health and well being.

As you may already be guessing, I take a more natural and holistic approach to my oral hygiene regimine. I personally stay away from fluoride which has been linked as a neurotoxin and environmental pollutant. A more natural approach would be to use bentonite clay powder in your toothpaste to remineralize teeth and prevent cavities. Not having cavities, means I’m also not exposed to mercury amalgam from fillings which affects the immune system.

As of this day, I have yet to to experience a cavity, so I don’t know. Maybe what I’m doing is working. Adding a mineral powder to my toothpaste, essential oils to my mouth rinse water and occasionally whitening them with a charcoal paste (recipe below) seems to be working. It’s also not as pain staking as many would think. It may take a few noticable steps or two in the begining, but then it just becomes a part of daily routine when you already have these products in a convenient location.

Here are my top 4 oral hygiene essential oils

#4 Lemon CPTG essential oil helps to brighten and clean teeth while also being pretty useful at whitening. I combine lemon oil with activated charcoal powder and another ingredient which you can find out in the DIY teeth whitening paste recipe below.

#3 Peppermint CPTG essential oil
is a classic ingredient for breath freshening. It does so by killing bacteria and providing a cool minty flavor. I’m particularly fond of using peppermint tooth paste in the morning for a gentle wake up. I say gentle because my next essential oil is anything but that it feels sometimes.

#2 Clove Bud CPTG essential oil
is a very strong and spicy oil that is a well-known aid for soothing tooth and gum aches. That strong spicy flavor is why it also kills bad oral bacteria. However, be gentle when first using this essential oil for oral health because it is quite strong. I suggest putting 1 drop on your L/R ring finger then dabbing that finger in a targeted area of oral concern. To rinse out afterwards, use my number one favorite below.

#1 Myrrh CPTG essential oil has strong cleansing properties, especially for the mouth. It’s also quite gentle compared to other well-known oral hygiene essential oils which have strong bold flavors. Add a drop of myrrh to your waterpik device using warm water and your biological/holistic dentist will surely be impressed.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.07.55 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.08.37 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.06.57 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.04.14 PM
DIY Teeth Whitening Paste Recipe
Half a teaspoon of activated charcoal powder
1 drop lemon essential oil
5 strawberries

Combine all ingredients together and mash to make a paste. Use this paste to brush your teeth. Store paste in an air tight glass jar and keep in a cool, dry place. Can keep for about a week.

Chomp on my friends!


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