Top 5 Essential Oils for Yin Constitutions

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I have a deep admiration for Chinese medicine since living here in China. To me it feels almost like a lifestyle than a course of treatment, however it is great for that as well. Yin and Yang are at the core principles of Chinese medicine. Yin Constitution means feminine, moon, night, cold, wet and the color white. That is to put it simply, because Yin consists of much more.  And just like eye color, certain essential oils are more appropriate than others based on their bodily constitution. So here are my top 5 favorite essential oils for Yin constitution types based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Geranium is a dry essential oil which is why it works nicely for this constitution. It can help to draw out of dampness. An example of excess moisture is when the skin feels cold and moist, even during the summer months. This essential oil is also known as “the poor man’s rose” because of it’s resemblance to rose, however much more agreeable to the wallet, of which floral oils are generally very balancing to feminine needs.

Ginger is the holy grail for Yin imbalances in TCM. Ginger is heaty and sweet, so it balances inner coldness of Yin types. It’s especially useful during the lunar cycle for alleviating abdominal cramps. This oil should be diluted on the skin with heavier carrier oils like grapeseed or olive oil due to ginger’s spicy nature. One drop of ginger oil in a cup of hot molasses tea can also help to boost body temperature.

Myrrh has hot, dry, smoky properties which again, helps to balance excess cold and moisture that Yin types can have imbalances with. When the humidity is high and skin feels cool and moist to the touch, blending myrrh essential oil with a light oil makes a delightfully light moisturizer. It’s also a very important essential oil for tonifying the liver, which the liver is responsible for metabolizing hormones.

Cinnamon is another warming oil with immune boosting properties to help protect from seasonal threats during the most vulnerable time for Yin types, winter. People with cold constitutions can suffer from stagnation of many types, and cinnamon oil assists with blood circulation.

Lavender’s light and powdery aroma can definitely balance cold and dampness of Yin types, especially during rainy seasons. Those with Yn imbalance can experience heavy water retention in the joints and face. Yin types also have a tendency to have high energy and high anxiety. Lavender is brilliant for calming anxiety.

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