Mindful Oil Massage 101: Breasts

Have you ever heard of spa’s offering breast massages? Or how about your doctor recommending a self breast massage? If you’re in China, this type of massage is quite a common service offered to women in many reputable spas. Let me just say, as a person who comes from a culture where massages get a bad rep and are rarely frequented (mainly due to cost), there’s nothing sexual about this massage, and if you do it to yourself, it’s free! It’s for women’s health and well-being.

Breast Massage Benefits
In Chinese medicine, massaging the breasts helps to drain toxins from the lymph and moves stagnant Qi. Doing a self-breast massage frequently can result in more balanced hormones, less painful periods and overall balance of your lunar cycle. Not to mention preventing diseases and certain cancers if done on a regular bases with the appropriate essential oils.

The breasts are part of a woman’s reproductive system like the ovaries and uterus. When the reproductive system is off balance, it can usually be traced back to stagnation in the liver. The liver is responsible for detoxifying, cleaning the blood and metabolizing hormones, then dumping that metabolized waste into fecal matter. In the end, we just excrete it from the body and maintain homeostasis. Massage can dislodge some of that stagnation. However, altering the diet by eliminating foods you can’t digest and limiting alcohol consumption are still going to be the most effective at moving liver stagnation.

The Right Oils for the Right Time
Geranium and myrrh essential oils are always a great choice for a breast massage anytime. However, adding certain other essential oils to this blend will help to further balance this delicate dance of complicated hormones. Some women require more estrogen, while others require more progesterone.


Estrogen tends to have a more cooling effect on the body and it promotes build up of the uterine lining. Certain essential oils such as sweet fennel and clary sage promote estrogen. If you or your family have a history of estrogen dominant related health conditions, use progesterone promoting essential oils instead to counterbalance the over production of estrogen.

Progesterone tends to have a more warming effect and helps shed the uterine lining every month. Essential oils of thyme and sandalwood promote progesterone, so if you have very minimal bleeding, with less than a 7 day menstrual cycle, then add these essential oils to your breast massage.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 2.20.27 AM

PMS Breast Massage Blend Recipe
Clary Sage
Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil

  • Combine ingredients together in a 15ml roller bottle for quick and easy application. This blend is well suited for easing breast tenderness.

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