Nail & Cuticle Care with Essential Oils

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Diamond dust file, glass file, Tweezerman nail tools, personal cuticle oil blend

Nail salons are well-known to harbor hazardous chemicals in the air that can negatively affect your health in ways you may not even realize. Not to mention that many of those chemicals are directly applied to the skin and go straight to the blood stream like nail polish remover. Depending on your genetic makeup (otherwise known as epigenetics), those chemicals can turn on or turn off genetic propensities you may be susceptible to. Either way, those chemicals are not good for your health and there are much better alternatives which you can even make at home yourself and bring them with you on your next mani/pedi appointment.

Polish Remover
Yes, you absolutely can remove nail polish with oils. There are products in the market now that use organic soybean oil and essential oils to safely remove nail polish. This is fantastic since the conventional polish removers contain carcinogenic ingredients such as acetone and formaldehyde. Those are fumes that can engulf an entire room and when entered in the blood stream, can linger in tissue and fat cells.

Cuticle Oil
Melaleuca essential oil is great for disinfecting cuts. Clipping and trimming cuticles can result in minor cuts that can easily become swollen if harmful bacteria or harsh chemicals enter through the wound. Melaleuca helps to cool the heat of inflammation that a wound may produce.

Lavender essential oil is great for calming and soothing inflamed skin. And just like melaleuca essential oil, is also disinfects minor cuts and burns.

Cedarwood essential oil helps skin to recover more quickly which is really helpful on the hands and fingers since we do so much with them. It’s always best to let wounds air dry naturally, but if a wound on our fingers hasn’t healed, it can easily open again the more we use our hands. Cedarwood is great for this purpose and is always included in my cuticle oil.

Grapeseed oil is a carrier oil that is very helpful for cuticle care and will blend beautifully with the essential oils above.

Hand Cream
Frankincense essential oil is wonderful for beautifying skin, and you know what they say, age shows in the hands. With continuous use, it’s helpful at removing dark spots for younger looking hands. If you make the hand cream yourself, you can easily use it everyday and you’ll know exactly what’s in your product since you’ve made it.

Myrrh essential oil works super well with frankincense essential oil and creates a wonderful balance for skin.

Shea butter is a moisture rich base for making a hand cream yourself. Add the essential oils above during the cool down phase and bottle it up in a glass container preferably. If you have any small empty or recycled glass bottles, use them!

Beeswax helps to make your hand cream more solid than fluid. It also seals moisture on the skin.

Skin & Nail Fungus
Oregano essential oil is the oil to turn to if you want to tackle fungus hard. Melaleuca is a gentle fungus fighter, while oregano is much stronger. For that reason, you must dilute CPTG oregano essential oil three times more than melaleuca to prevent skin sensitization.



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