1 Product ◊ 3 Uses ◊ How to Multitask Your Deodorant using Essential Oils

We use it everyday, and maybe unbeknownst to us, we can also make it a beneficial health product that smells amazing and is easy to make. If you have these products already at home, why not? In my other blog Nat’s Food Corner, I mentioned ways you can use extra virgin coconut oil for eating and other uses. Why not make a custom deodorant which is beneficial to your needs if you may need to buy a simple one anyway? The video below makes it super easy!

📺  Dr. Josh Axe and Food as Medicine have created a brilliant DIY video above 📺


∞ 1. Odor Fighting Deodorant ∞

Bergamot: Considered a spicy citrus with floral notes. It’s quite a unique smelling citrus that has a very soap-like aroma. Perfect for subduing odor.

Juniper Berry: Aromatic notes of wood while remaining clean and even spicy, it works beautifully with bergamot’s clean citrus aroma.

Benefits: Both cleanse the body by working on those water elements in the body. Bergamot is a citrus which contains a high water content, while juniper berry tonifies the kidneys and stimulates the lymphatic system.

∞ 2. Detoxifying Deodorant ∞

Geranium: A burst of roses comes to mind when you first take a whiff of geranium essential oil. For good reason since it’s high in the chemical compound geraniol, or C10H18O to be exact, which is the main constituent of rose essential oil, but much less the price.

Cilantro: Growing up in an Ecuadorian household, the fresh herbal scent of cilantro always permeated the air in my home. But as an essential oil, it has a sweetness to it. Most certainly a pungent aroma if you’ve ever added it to your pipping hot soups.

Benefits: Geranium works at tonifying our largest detox organ, the colon, while also boosting liver function. Cilantro works at gently detoxifying heavy metals lurking from our polluted world. Yes, all this from just your deodorant!

∞ 3. Lymphatic Draining Deodorant ∞

Juniper Berry: Juniper’s balsamic aroma can lean towards a masculine aroma, but it’s freshness keeps it from going to manly. Great for anyone who wants to keep it neutral when it comes to deodorant scents. 

Sweet Fennel: Licorice however has a sort of grown up sweetness to it which is why many like to use this to bring out the sweetness of other scents, such as juniper berry. This essential oil helps to balance out juniper’s masculinity into the more feminine. 

Benefits: This Yin Yang duo works nicely at stimulating the lymphatic system which is responsible for draining toxins out of the body. Combine these two together and use it before a workout to boost it’s effects on the lymph system, this includes even just walking for 30 minutes a day.


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