Hi lovely readers,

I hope that wherever you are, you’re having the best day ever! Now, I’m not sure about you, but weather definitely plays a role in my life. I absolutely love playing around with variables when it comes to essential oils, which is why pairing them to the weather and your constitution is so much fun!

Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) run on the foundation of knowing your constitution and doing things in your life that will help maintain balance. When you know the fundamentals, it becomes much easier to know what to wear, eat, drink, say, even think. I take a holistic approach to health and wellness, and always tell my clients this fundamental principle of essential oils: They are not magic potions by any means, instead they work by amplifying the body’s natural ability to repair itself when we give our body what it needs from the inside out. It’s very similar to supplements, which is what essential oils are classified as under the US FDA. Supplements are of no use if the diet and lifestyle are wrong. Supplements boost what you already have in existence, for example, taking vitamin C (ascorbic acid) supplements while also consuming vitamin c rich foods daily like lemon juice, oranges and camu berry.

So what does that have to do with the weather? EVERYTHING! Whatever the weather is outside, it can either make you feel balanced (basically your favorite season) or it can make you feel sick and miserable (your least favorite season). Here I’m going to explain some essential oils that are perfect for cold and rainy weather, while also using the Chakra system to figure out the right placement of the oils on the body.


The Chakras have a special order which is associated with many things such as a certain color, certain organs, certain bodily functions, certain emotions, certain foods, etc.

Violet – Crown Chakra

Indigo – Third Eye Chakra

Blue – Throat Chakra

Green – Heart Chakra

Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra

Orange – Sacral Chakra

Red – Root Chakra

Weather Profile and Oils.jpg
Weather Profile for Shanghai November 2016: Cold & Damp

I massaged 1 drop of oregano oil, a hot dry oil which I always dilute heavily, on the area of the Root Chakra to promote dry warmth to travel upwards as I walked to work. I then massaged 1 drop of ginger essential oil on my lower abdomen which is the area of the Sacral Chakra to provide warmth to the uterus. Because my cycle was approaching, I massaged geranium and cypress essential oils to the breasts which are in the area of the Heart Chakra to promote the circulation of stagnant qi. Since I have a thyroid imbalance, I massaged clove bud essential oil on my throat, directly over the thyroid to provide a warming boost of antioxidants. Finally, I massaged clary sage essential oil onto my temples and the top of the spinal cord to promote emotional well-being at a time when estrogen can easily become off balance.

When the weather is cold, go for warming to hot essential oils, keeping in mind your true constitution so that you don’t veer too hot or not warm enough. When the weather is damp, go for dry essential oils, keeping in mind where on the body you retain water so that you can target those general areas and feel more comfortable throughout the day.

Stay vibrant my friends!