About the Oiler

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My name is Natalie Cacace and I’m a natural living advocate in the sprawling metropolis of Shanghai, China. China is bombarded with pollution from uncontrollable sides, from the air to the water. Those crucial things are beyond my control, however what I can control is the food I eat and the products I use. This is the main reason why many people in China have gravitated to essential oils, even Chinese medical practitioners.

Personally, I am a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate member in the United States and adōTERRA VIP member in China. Thus, many of the essential oils I will be mentioning in this blog pertain to dōTERRA, however there are other CPTG certified essential oil companies.

CPTG are the highest category of essential oils which means Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. These are the only essential oils you can use topically and internally. All other non-CPTG essential oils should NOT be used topically and especially internally.

Making the switch to live a natural and mindful life has helped me feel healthier and happier. I’d like to share my experiences with you and help you on your journey to living a happier and healthier life too.

Stay oily my friends!


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